HBG Asks: Is GTA V Going in the Right Direction?


This week’s HBG Asks will be asking you with a little more specificity on the game, but a little less specificity on what we’re asking.

Last week, we asked if you boarded the hype trains. A lot of you guys seem to be in the reasonable consumer camp. About half of you said that you’d either avoid coverage of games you want, not get your hopes up, or even be pessimistic about each game so as not to be disappointed once you get your hands on it.

PsychoNerd tells us he’s “been burned by the hype train before” and Takarow makes an interesting parallel between hype trains between video games and other media saying he’s “golden ticket” on the hype train for TV shows.

It’s an interesting comparison. I don’t think there has ever been an equivalent to pre-orders in the television and movies, at least not made with any sort of incentive involved aside from watching it (like webisodes of a series that are freely made independent of the series and released at any time).

Of course, we here at HBG love our Grand Theft Auto series and it was pretty clear by some of your comments about the GTA V hype train that you’re pretty interested as well.

In light of yesterday’s premiere of loads of information via Game Informer, we decided we’ll tackle the game head-on.

We would love to know if, after seeing the boatload of information coming out and claims visualized by Kotaku that  GTA V is bigger than entire previous R* games like GTA IV, GTA: San Andreas, and Red Dead Redemption COMBINED, if you think this is the right direction for GTA V.

The days of lifting weights to gain muscle, pigging out on some Pizza Factory, or finding the right lady for some hot coffee aren’t coming back when we revisit Los Santos, but there’s still plenty to be pleased about this time around. With Spring 2013 just around the corner, is GTA V going in the right direction?

We’ll let you know what we think, then you let us know how you feel in the comments below.

Christian: I’ll be honest, I was a little bummed that we don’t seem to be getting the RPG-style San Andreas customization back, but I understand that they really seemed to prefer the serious and honestly a bit somber tone of GTA IV going forward. It’s never been a point of contention that Rockstar can make some of the most compelling characters we’ve known in the industry, but it feels a bit curious not having the fun and wacky tone now and again of going out to meet The Truth in the desert to mess with jetpacks in the desert. In a lot of ways, Saints Row is picking up where that has been left off, but it’s hard to replicate it on the scale and downright fun tone that seemed to accompany Rockstar’s approach. All the mild disappointment aside, I absolutely loved going through the stories of Johnny, Luis, and Niko with GTA IV and I can really see myself loving the stories of Michael, Trevor, and Franklin. Hopefully, this time around we see equal time with all three because I preferred the Ballad of Gay Tony characters and interactions to the original GTA IV or Lost and Damned. It gave off a feeling of lost experience with the BoGT universe, not dissimilar from the claims of lost sales by publishers. We all know that if there were more story to be told, it would have been told, but we can’t help but want more. This time around, we can apparently switch between the three at nearly any time. All in all, I’m still as glued to the series as ever and consider a GTA V a point of incredibly high interest with the news that’s been out and can’t wait until next week’s trailer.

Davekraft: With a series I have loved from day one, speaking on the three protagonists you’ll switch to whenever you fancy, I see this as an incredibly risky move for GTA. The one thing I’ve always loved about GTA is that you can connect with the main character in ways you didn’t think were possible for a game, a virtual world that doesn’t exist. I know I wasn’t the only one in GTA IV to rock up to Roman’s wedding in a white Cognoscenti. With THREE playable characters though, I don’t see the connection being as strong. With Michael, the stylish and sharp middle-aged man featured in trailer #1, you can approach things in a certain way as you obviously can with Franklin and Trevor, but will it feel like a unique experience/path for said character if you’re juggling two other storylines? With one protagonist you can progress through contrasting situations and emotions all in one go. Niko had hopped off a boat not too long ago, now he’s celebrating his cousin’s wedding in a crisp suit. My worry is that the characters you run in to as each protagonist (i.e. Michael’s 20 y.o pot-smoking son) will fade into separate worlds from Trevor’s and seem a little too independent. Of course, that all depends on the story which I know very little about. As you can see, my big draw with the GTA games is the story, but when focusing on the other details released I’m nothing but excited. Having a huge, sprawling city with “it’s own ecosystem” and unique activities is great news. Some small issues I have with the driving mechanics being compared to a racing-game style will undoubtedly wear off as more is revealed. All this aside, I can’t wait to mess around with Trevor in particular and rally around dusty the trailer park on my ATV while the sun is setting. The GTA V experience will certainly be different, but you have to trust Rockstar. I mean, it IS Rockstar.

Alright, we’ve given you our thoughts. Now what’s yours? With all the news we’ve been given in the past day, are you ready for GTA V? Are there things you wish were included that didn’t make it? Are they game-changers? Tell us if you think GTA V is going in the right direction.

Check back next week when we try to pry some more answers out of you with another HBG Asks. Find any previous questions we’ve asked here.

And, as always, check back here for more GTA V news and info as we come closer to the Spring 2013 release date on PS3 and 360. (We promise we won’t just be talking about GTA V… we just really like the series.)

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  1. By Porecomesis on 11-09-2012 18:50

    I never really got into the Grand Theft Auto series so this will be a bit of a first for me. I've played Vice City and San Andreas but I never stayed invested in them. I'm curious to see how V will hold up for me.


  2. By JustAndrew on 11-09-2012 19:10

    I think V is definitely going in a good direction. I do wish they'd bring back a lot of other stuff, like buying properties, weight lifting, girlfriends, etc, but I can honestly say that those things being out aren't deal breakers at all. Especially not with just how amazing V is looking up to this point.


  3. By stigg on 11-10-2012 07:07

    there are loads of things that will make GTA5 awesome, returning old vehicles, 3 charaters with different back stories, and THE HUGE MAP.

    i hope they make the multiplayer better though.


  4. By JustAndrew on 11-10-2012 12:47

    Originally Posted by stigg:
    Quote there are loads of things that will make GTA5 awesome, returning old vehicles, 3 charaters with different back stories, and THE HUGE MAP.

    i hope they make the multiplayer better though.

    I heard the multiplayer is going to have a triathlon. Though it may only be SP. If it's both, that's definitely a start for improved multiplayer.


  5. By Davekraft on 11-10-2012 13:54

    Originally Posted by JustAndrew:
    Quote I heard the multiplayer is going to have a triathlon. Though it may only be SP. If it's both, that's definitely a start for improved multiplayer.

    Bank heists in multiplayer would be good too. There's so much I can talk about with GTA V.


  6. By Gunner164 on 11-10-2012 18:59

    It sounds great. I can't wait. I JUST CAN'T. MAN. i want it.


  7. By Gamersx on 11-15-2012 12:39

    I loved the customization of GTA: SA and I am pretty sad to see that it still has not returned. But other than that, I think the game is going to be amazing. I am really curious to see what they will do with the mutliplayer. I don't know how I feel about 3 characters, but the more I think about it the more I am liking. I will be playing as Trevor most of the time because he just looks like such a, uhh, "unique" character. And my name is Trevor...