Check Out Interceptor Entertainment Doing a Charity Stream for Child’s Play!

Not incredibly long ago, I sat down and had one of the best, most ridiculously loose interviews I’ve ever had with some friends of mine who have jumped ship from doing the games WRITING, and more games MAKING.

Great guys, great team seeming to be working on the ROTT remake over at Interceptor.

As if they couldn’t get in your favor any more, they’ve decided to have their CEO Frederik Schreiber take on a classic game from 1999 in Outcast and recruit some viewer help along the way in the decisions. They’ll also be getting you another peek at some ROTT, of course.

Not only that, they’ll be raising money for Child’s Play, a perennially worthy cause, and giving out prizes as they meet milestones. The prizes include, but aren’t limited to, some ROTT 95 GoG codes, random assorted games like Deus Ex and Bulletstorm, and of course Frederik’s hacked Apple TV… Yeah.¬†There remains one milestone not yet revealed. To find out what it is, I guess you’ll just have to donate. As always, be sure to support charity and check out their livestream today, starting at 12PM PST.

All details on the marathon and the video/chat embed are already in place on their website. Charity? Video games? What’s not to like? I’m sure I’ll be hanging around the chat at some point today and I’m sure you HBG peeps would love to help support a great cause and watch some video games while you do so.

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