HBG Asks: What is Your Favorite Gaming Moment of 2012?


It’s now the final month of 2012 and it seems obligatory to use our platform in HBG Asks to get some feedback from you guys on what exactly you liked in 2012. Was it something crazy in Halo 4 recently? A clutch touchdown drive in Madden NFL 13? How about a classic chase or interaction on our San Andreas Multiplayer RP server?

No matter the case, there are always some moments that stick out when it comes to gaming. Each year, we have a few of those a-ha moments that just make you glad you chose the hobby over just watching TV and movies or listening to music (no disrespect to those that do but… come on, gaming is king). This week, we want your input on what exactly makes YOUR 2012 in gaming memorable. It doesn’t have to be just one moment, it could be your experience with an entire game’s campaign like Dishonored or even a DLC like Skyrim’s newest Dragonborn offering. Hell, it could even be something about the industry like that now infamous photo of Geoff Keighley sitting in front of a near pile of Doritos and Mountain Dew, or Max Scoville’s decision to eat those very two things like milk and cereal.

But enough giving you options. In the time you’ve taken to read this, you’ve probably already thought up a great moment. So let’s hear it. What is your favorite gaming moment of 2012? As always, we’ll show you ours, so the only fair option is for you to show us yours afterwards.


This coming week, hopefully Monday, I’ll have a big post ready that details all of my absolute favorite moments of 2012, but I had to pinpoint one in particular that really showed off the potential of a certain video game that I believe is being overlooked this year because of its early release. That game would be Trials Evolution. Now, normally, you think Trials, and especially with RedLynx, you think riding your dirtbike of varied sizes over some of the most arduous territories the dirtbike has ever known in its existences as a transportation and recreational vehicle. My favorite moment with Trials Evolution, however, came when I was absolutely tickled to find the user-generated content was absolutely fantastic. Of course there were exciting levels where I’d fight things like various Batman enemies, but the breadth of the content still surprises me even today. For example, the other day, I was playing Paper Toss on Trials Evolution. If you’re familiar with the quite popular free iOS game, then you know what I mean. It was a full-on Paper Toss game, cleverly titled “Paper Throw.” I also have about four fully functional pinball tables as well as a Tetris clone. Hell, I even WALKED through a small fair, playing mini-games and riding the rides for points, as well as finding hidden objects for bonus points, all of which with full leaderboard support for my high scores. My discovery of the beautifully developed mini-games and popular game clones on Trials Evolution is easily one of my favorite gaming moments of 2012.


It’s a tough one for me to answer as gaming this year hasn’t really been that great for me. I suppose the stand-out games for me this year have been Dragon’s Dogma, The Act (on iOS), Max Payne 3 and the release of Minecraft on the Xbox 360. For me it’s more of an optimistic viewpoint on how things will be, or how I hope they’ll be, when the next generation comes.

Dragon’s Dogma for it’s raw approach to the whole RPG adventure genre that big blockbusters such as Skyrim didn’t deliver on. Dragon’s Dogma was quite refreshing to me. The huge, Shadow of the Colossus type monsters that you stumbled across while out roaming were brilliant. The difficulty in the first 10 or so hours as you were forced to venture out into the pitch black darkness (literally pitch black) pleased me, games these days are just so easy. Hopefully more games come out in the next few years that are like that, it’s what gaming needs.

The Act for iOS is a stand-out moment for me as it was the first game in a long time that I truly felt did something different. It was brilliant. You may often criticize games for being cutscene heavy or too scripted but The Act used those cutscene to it’s advantage, by actually letting you fully control them. It was an interactive movie I guess, maybe just a one-off, fun experiment but I hope to see more of that for sure. Max Payne 3 was a game that was cutscene heavy as we all know, but the production value in those cutscenes made it stand out from anything Rockstar had previously done. There was nothing you could do during the cutscenes of course, but the fact that watching hours of them was pleasurable is something to be admirable of.

An odd one maybe but Minecraft: 360 Edition is also a big moment in gaming for me. It paves the way for more PC games making their way over to consoles. Hopefully games like DayZ follow suit and embark on the console journey. Personally, I would love to see that.

Alright, enough short-term nostalgia from us. How about you? What is YOUR favorite gaming moment of 2012? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll be back next week to discuss what games or experiences you loved most and ask you what you’re most looking forward to this new year.

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Christian runs the show on the HBG front page. He's a huge sports gaming fan who used never stray far from his favorite genre. That said, he's become more and more interested in other games over the years, adding fighting, western RPG, strategy, and FPS games to his library of games.

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  1. By Ianoy on 12-07-2012 14:23

    A little back story here, I was in an online league in Madden 12 and I had made it to the divisional round of the playoffs. I was playing as the Arizona Cardinals while my opponent was the Eagles. Down 7 points with only 12 seconds left in the game and on 4th down I threw a deep pass to my receiver and well this happened.........

    http://www.easports.com/media/play/video/117337582 (It may take a while to load)

    The game eventually went to overtime where I kicked a field goal to win 23 to 20.

    This was not only my favorite gaming moment this year but of all time so far.


  2. By Porecomesis on 12-07-2012 17:09

    Everyone, I think you're going to be surprised by my favourite moment as it comes from...

    Yes, I'm serious. Hear me out.

    After many hours of travelling around the four landmasses to get the mascots (MacGuffins) and recruit the other CPU Candidates, the party was finally ready to venture onto the Gamindustri Graveyard to rescue the four CPUs. However, they came across a familiar obstacle: CFW Judge, the hulking leviathan that guarded the captive goddesses and would not go down without a fight (also, he is one of the coolest looking bosses I have ever seen).

    Nepgear, as usual, hesitates and doubts her strength. However, her eight other party members are right beside her and offer her words of encouragement and remind her that, as a party, they can overcome any obstacle, all the while an encouraging song plays in the background. Empowered by their faith, Nepgear loses her hesitation. In addition, the four mascots also give Nepgear their power, allowing her HDD form to evolve and give her even greater power. With this new power by her side as well as her friends, Nepgear brings the fight to an all too eager CFW Judge.

    Battle starts and, on his very first turn, one attack from Judge takes out three of my party members, wipes off half of Nepgear's health and inflicts her with status ailments. Not the best way to start a fight but I'll be damned if it wasn't hilarious.

    There wasn't a trophy for this so I'll just make my own: "Well, so much for the power of friendship."


  3. By Kreyg on 12-08-2012 06:10

    Playing The Walking Dead game.

    The game in one word was AMAZING. I hate those style of games, but I played all 5 episodes and was attached to the characters and story. So few games can make you feel anything for its story or characters. This one did. Bravo.


  4. By Almightytharo on 12-08-2012 07:38

    Me and my friends have begun our 2012 round up recently. We have been going through and beating each and every game we have sort of left undone. Digging through game bins in our closets, remembering and reliving some of the greatest moments we have shared in gaming. Especially now as we have gotten older these get togethers have become that much better.


  5. By Takarow on 12-10-2012 22:01

    my favorite has to of been the ending to the wii game the last story


  6. By xZaniity on 12-11-2012 05:15

    Getting to help out of the samp server, i've really dropped out of all other games, i'm playing GTA SA:MP like it's the only game i have. But i really have over 50 Games on my computer O.o. I just love helping on the server, really.


  7. By ♠Verilence♠ on 12-11-2012 12:22

    I was playing CS:GO, and it was me vs. 4 Terrorists, only a deagle, with 4 rounds in it. It was one inferno, and I had went into that long murder pathway to the right of the map. Then they all line up and I hit 3 in the head and finished of a wounded, then went back to defuse the bomb at it's 5 seconds marker.


  8. By Heat2Smoove on 12-21-2012 15:12

    WarZ's entire sales failure was pretty entertaining.


  9. By Drake_Baxter on 12-23-2012 04:42

    Finishing MH Tri was pretty nice. o:

    My playtime is around 1.6k hours though...


  10. By AaronAlexander on 12-28-2012 15:56

    Max payne 3, goty motherfucker.


  11. By Davekraft on 12-28-2012 16:39

    Originally Posted by AaronAlexander:
    Quote Max payne 3, goty motherfucker.

    It was a good watch, I'll give you that.

    No, it was ok. Not GOTY to me but still a solid game.


  12. By the_joe_ker on 12-28-2012 16:58

    Escaping Vaas numerous times in Far Cry 3. Holy shit that game was intense.


  13. By AaronAlexander on 12-28-2012 17:48

    Originally Posted by Davekraft:
    Quote It was a good watch, I'll give you that.

    No, it was ok. Not GOTY to me but still a solid game.

    Haha, I think that's a fair criticism. I like "movie" games, but hey - it's not for everyone. :D