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Since CD Projekt Red (the same guys responsible for The Witcher 1 & 2) released the Cyberpunk 2077 Teaser Trailer a week or two ago the internet has been a buzz with talk of what this title may bring to the gaming scene.

The beautiful looking graphics (which although just being a pre-rendered video, are said to be promised in the final game), the striking scenes and landscape, the seemingly deep and bold story and… well… the girl.

The Teaser Trailer for Cyberpunk 2077 is down at the end of this article along with the full in-depth trailer analysis coming via GamingBolt so be sure to check that out. A few stills from the trailer you can check out are below too.

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Also, I recommend reading through this detailed behind the scenes feature of the process of making the trailer, via Behance.

Click on the pictures below to skim through a few of the concept arts from that article.

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So since the trailer’s release, I have been scouring the web searching for any slight bit of information. Eager, I know, seeing as the rumoured release year is 2015, but Cyberpunk 2077 promises to be one hell of a game. I’m on the Hype Train and sitting in First Class, I admit it.

Some of you fellow HBG forum members will probably know that Deus Ex: Human Revolution is probably the best game of all time to me, so of course I’m wetting myself with excitement for this.

What I loved about Deus Ex: Human Revolution was it’s overwhelming, epic and raw ambience. It wasn’t the best game in terms of story and it could’ve handled boss battles a bit better, but the soundtrack, the attention to detail, the sadness of the setting, the feeling of things around you having a short life span and the design of the game… my God they more than make up for it. If Cyberpunk 2077 has any of those, then it’ll definitely be comparable to HR. Maybe not better as it has to do a lot to reach them heights but sure, it’s possible.

You might think I’m being a teeny tiny bit presumptuous here as next to no amount of details have been released and I suppose you’re right, but so far things are pointing towards a game similar to Human Revolution. I want that gritty urban feel existing alongside the futuristic world of augmented humans that Deus Ex: Human Revolution did so well but in Cyberpunk 2077‘s own unique style.

Of course I don’t want it to be a carbon copy of Human Revolution but if it can borrow a few of the things that made HR such a great game then I wouldn’t complain. Every game has to be it’s own thing but with a great, ambient soundtrack and a polished and detailed design almost any game can be improved substantially and made a joy to play.

If it does indeed end up having those key qualities then that doesn’t mean it’ll feel too similar to HR, Dishonored (as a loose example) or any other futuristic game at all. If they can stamp their own style on it then they can make it a huge success.

Now the details which have been released so far from CD Projekt Red are of course not that big or revealing as the game is so far away from releasing. It’s probably not even as far as 80% completed yet. However a few have been released and I’ll go over those now.

If you haven’t seen it, here is Cyberpunk 2077‘s actual announcement from CDPR’s Summer Conference last September, which also includes a few details as well as the title reveal does here. Also, the last link I’ll be throwing at you for today, check back at the cyberpunk.net blog every now and then for little hints and possibly a bit more information over time.

Co-creator Mike Pondsmith was recently quoted as saying Cyberpunk 2077 is a “combination of dystopian society, a lot of technology with this really great over layer of almost film noire.” 

The teaser trailer was of course all pre-rendered and not representative of the final game but apparently CDPR are looking at it in a ‘target’ sort of way. They’re aiming to make the final game have that amount of detail and will try to get as close as possible to that level of graphics. Maybe “Not representative of final product” is a thing of the past? Cyberpunk 2077 will almost certainly be a next-gen release so that could be possible.

And finally, CD Projekt Red Managing Director, Adam Badowski, has said this on the game:

“In 2077 as we imagine it, technology will be so advanced that implants will fit in the tip of a needle, making modification easy. The decision to change will therefore be largely aesthetic and ostensibly harmless. Realskin synthetic skin looks real but is better than real. It’s soft, it has pores that subtly release sweat, but it is so much more. It’s amazing, those who adopt it look like pumped, modified dolls, because they are perfect, or some version of it. When people choose modification, they’re making a statement, they’re expressing a preference.”

“When somebody walks around with a chrome hand, it’s not because there’s some underlying technology that makes their hand look like that. It’s because they think chrome hands look cool. When somebody has a leg with servomotors, it’s because they choose to look extreme (like the best new carbon fiber bike). And their choice is completely based on style, it extends and enriches their style. You’ll get access to a rich arsenal of firearms, but if you want to have blades because they look cool, go for it. All these elements will make it into Cyberpunk 2077. ‘Style Over Substance’ is our core theme, after all.

[UPDATE #1] - After reading Andrew’s comment I did a quick search and stumbled upon what he mentioned. Click the picture below to see it full size. In this screenshot you will learn of new details and possibly a teaser for The Witcher 3?

[UPDATE #2] – Mike Pondsmith talks about Cyberpunk 2077’s setting and gives a few more details in the video below.

It all sounds very, very promising indeed. I’m so excited for this game and I hope you are too.

So, what are you hoping to see in Cyberpunk 2077? Let me know your thoughts by commenting below and as I promised earlier here’s the gorgeous teaser trailer in all it’s glory along with the trailer breakdown.

Full trailer breakdown here and remember to Subscribe to the CyberpunkGame YouTube Channel.


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  1. By JustAndrew on 01-16-2013 20:58

    I'm not even sure what to expect or hope for, as this is a game I don't think I've seen before. By that I mean it looks very unique. I'm looking forward to seeing more. And I'm glad to see who's in charge of it.

    (Also read something about Witcher 3 being hinted at in the teaser)


  2. By xZaniity on 01-16-2013 20:59

    Totally off topic. But i'm a slow fuck and i just bought Deus Ex Human Revolution because you said it was one of your top games of all time.


  3. By Davekraft on 01-16-2013 21:09

    Originally Posted by xZaniity:
    Quote Totally off topic. But i'm a slow fuck and i just bought Deus Ex Human Revolution because you said it was one of your top games of all time.

    It's a love hate game to a few people so yeah, just be patient with it see how you like it. I fucking love that game though. Glad you'll get to play it.


  4. By Porecomesis on 01-16-2013 21:41

    Eh, I'll probably get it if only because there's nothing else coming out that's of interest.


  5. By Davekraft on 01-17-2013 00:31

    Originally Posted by JustAndrew:
    Quote (Also read something about Witcher 3 being hinted at in the teaser)

    Thanks. Article updated with the hidden message.


  6. By Davekraft on 01-17-2013 17:31

    Post updated with more details.


  7. By DigitalTiger on 11-20-2013 03:57

    Hopefully this game will be at least on par with Division and Watch Dogs. If this game is true to the Pen and Paper RP Game, there will be a struggle with Cyber Psychosis the more a person "upgrades" and there will be a strong emphasis on fashion (possibility of user designed in-game content). I'd really like to see this game as "the core" of the Cyberpunk genre of games, with regular installations of missions and (a possibility of) user created story content. Mike Pondsmith is co-producing this game... that's like William Gibson co-producing Neuromancer... or Stan Lee co-producing anything Marvel, they have their reputation on the line. It would be a shame to wait all these years (20+ for me) to see a mediocre game flying the "Cyberpunk" banner.