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Is Super Mario Bros Surrealist Art? [Video]

Posted by Nic, March 15, 2012 in Culture, Main, Misc, Not News, Retro, Videos 5

It’s not all that new to hear people making the case that video games are art and as such should be respected in the same vein as all other forms of art, but it’s not that often that you hear someone making the case that video games could already fit… Read More »

The New Club Nintendo Coin Games For March

Posted by Nic, March 5, 2012 in 3DS, Main, News, Retro, Wii 0

We’re only days in to March which means Club Nintendo members will have a new set of games to spend their coins on. While March doesn’t see any new rewards, not yet anyway, the number of games available has been increased by one. The games are Art Style: CUBELLO on… Read More »

Painting A Dreamcast [Video]

Posted by Nic, March 2, 2012 in Culture, Main, Not News, Previous Generations, Retro, Videos 0

Last June we featured a painted Dreamcast inspired by the game REZ and now the artist, OSKUNK, has decided to bust out a video camera and let the world see how he does the stuff he does. The project in the video is another Dreamcast and a DC controller that… Read More »

Dust Off Your SNES Console, A New Game Is Coming In 2013

Posted by Tovan, February 28, 2012 in Hot, Main, News, Retro 11

  Super Fighter Team is a development, publishing, and¬†production company that prides itself on releasing games for systems and consoles that have been otherwise abandoned by their original creators. In the past, the studio has released games for platforms such as Sega Genesis, Atari Lynx, and PC. For the first… Read More »

Super Mario Carnival [Video]

Posted by Nic, February 24, 2012 in Culture, Main, Not News, Retro, Videos 0

Some of you may have noticed that Carnival happened in down Brazil a couple of days ago and as people gradually wake from partying hard video is staring to hit You Tube, and wouldn’t you know it there are at least a couple of videos pertaining to video games. Wow!… Read More »

Retro City Rampage Has A Limited Edition Vinyl Release

Posted by Nic, February 23, 2012 in Culture, Main, Misc, News, products, Retro 0

While many have said nothing but nice things about the game Retro City Rampage the games soundtrack has definitely not gone unnoticed either. So why not take that soundtrack and give that the retro treatment as well in the form of a limited edition vinyl release. Here are the features… Read More »

Super Mario Bros Question Block Touch Lamp

Posted by Nic, February 21, 2012 in Culture, Main, Misc, Not News, products, Retro 2

Do you know what I like better than neat stuff? Neat stuff that’s practical! Sure having useless neat baubles around is great, but when they are useful in my day to day life, that’s awesome. So what could be more useful that a part of Super Mario Bros. ripped from… Read More »

This Art Crosses Planet Of The Apes And Super Mario World

Posted by Nic, February 16, 2012 in Culture, Main, Misc, Not News, products, Retro 7

When worlds collide two things become one. The product of the collision depends strongly on what collided. If you mashed a sci-fi classic like Planet Of The Apes and the Super Nintendo classic Super Mario World chances are the outcome will be pretty good, but don’t just take my word… Read More »

Max Payne Heading To Mobile Platforms

Posted by Nic, February 16, 2012 in Main, Mobile, News, Retro 5

It seems that in the wake of the success of GTA 3 coming to mobile platforms Rockstar is going to see if lightning strikes twice. On the Rockstar Newswire the company posted a Q&A about Max Payne 3 and a couple of unrelated topics. One of the questions bluntly asked… Read More »

iCade 8-Bitty Controller For iOS And Android Devices

Posted by Nic, February 15, 2012 in Main, Mobile, News, Retro 2

Sometimes when you want to play some mobile games on your mobile device you aren’t on the go and can sit down and really take time to play and maybe use a controller. If you aren’t down for one of those big arcade joysticks for your mobile device maybe the… Read More »

Super Smash Bros. Choose Your Weapon Poster

Posted by Nic, February 14, 2012 in Culture, Main, Misc, Not News, Previous Generations, products, Retro 10

For those who love the iconic Nintendo fighting game Super Smash Bros. because you loved to see all the lovable and not so lovable characters from Nintendo, and sometimes beyond, beat the snot out of each other with their own powers or anything not nailed down, this is poster for… Read More »

Retro Atari Arcade Cerial Boxes Available At Target

Posted by Nic, February 14, 2012 in Main, Misc, News, Previous Generations, Retro 5

As we’ve seen with some of the recent gaming anniversaries celebrated it usually means that an anniversary edition version of a game comes out or even special hardware editions come out, but Atari has thrown us all a curve ball for their 40 year anniversary. At Target there will be… Read More »

Mega Man And Mario Mosaics Can Hang Out In Your Yard

Posted by Nic, February 13, 2012 in Culture, Main, Misc, Not News, Retro 2

Tired of the same old overused cookie cutter lawn decorations that would make your yard blend in with the rest of the neighborhood rather than make it unique. There is a man named Mike on Etsy that might just have what you’re looking for, and if he doesn’t he’ll probably… Read More »

NES Advantage Clock

Posted by Nic, February 10, 2012 in Culture, Main, Misc, Not News, Previous Generations, products, Retro 7

We should all know the three R’s by now. Reduce, reuse, and recycle. Old broken video game accessories are great to repurpose and will make for a great conversation starter. Here we have what is hands down one of the best joysticks ever created turned into a clock. The NES… Read More »

Friut Invaders Cutting Board

Posted by Nic, February 9, 2012 in Main, Misc, Not News, products, Retro 3

If you are looking for quirky kitchen supplies and it would be a bonus if they were linked to games you are in luck. Most cutting boards are bland and there is no room in the 21st century for boring lifeless crap — this is the future people! This bright… Read More »

72Pins Kawaii Series

Posted by Nic, February 6, 2012 in Culture, Main, Not News, products, Retro 2

We’ve covered 72Pins a couple times before and greatly admired their video game cart art while at the same time preserving the playability of the carts used as art. Usually the art is pixel art that looks at home on a NES cart, but this time they have teamed up… Read More »

ESRB Rates 3DS Bound Game Gear Games

Posted by Nic, February 3, 2012 in 3DS, Main, News, Retro 3

It was all the way at last years Game Developers Conference that I first recall Nintendo mentioning Game Gear games coming to the 3DS Virtual Console (mentioned here @ the 9:43 mark). The next GDC is coming up early next month, March 5 – 9, with no sign of any… Read More »

[UPDATE] PlayStation 3 Getting The Simpsons Arcade Game

Posted by Nic, February 1, 2012 in Main, News, PS3, Retro 6

Remember The Simpsons arcade game? If you’re like me the only reason you remember it is because some people will not stop talking about how much they want it. Now those people, that own a PS3 anyway, can finally STFU and enjoy themselves. Yes the fondly remembered Simpsons arcade game… Read More »

Man Offers Unreleased Resident Evil Game If The Internet Gives Him $2000

Posted by Tovan, January 30, 2012 in Main, Misc, Retro 11

You may or may not be aware that there was once a Game Boy Color version of the original Resident Evil in development. Unfortunately, due to the game supposedly being of poor quality, Capcom cancelled the project and instead created Resident Evil Gaiden for GBC. Now, a collector has supposedly… Read More »

5 New Mortal Kombat Shirts From Jinx

Posted by Nic, January 30, 2012 in Culture, Main, Misc, Not News, products, Retro 3

For the serious or passing fans of Mortal Kombat Jinx has 5 new shirts for your consideration. There is a pretty even mix of awesome looking shirts with logos and fighters on them and shirts that are pretty funny, you know, something for everyone. The shirts are the painful Gonna… Read More »