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Skype Coming to the Next Xbox?

Posted by Davekraft, January 16, 2013 in Main, News, Xbox 360 9

Microsoft will reportedly replace it’s voice chat feature with Skype in the next Xbox console. A person familiar with the matter said Microsoft will be “consolidating all their communications technology” around the Skype platform. This means that Skype will become the default chat service on the next generation Xbox console… Read More »

[UPDATE] Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Heading to New Platforms through VVVVVV, Cave Story Publisher Nicalis

Posted by Christian, November 28, 2012 in 3DS, Hot, Indie, Mobile, News, PC, PS3, WiiU, Xbox 360 4

In a postmortem by Edmund McMillen today in Gamasutra, he essentially announced the intent and confirmation of a remake of the PC indie hit Binding of Isaac for consoles and even possibly handhelds. In the article, he goes through a beautiful look at the road to Isaac, the decisions made that… Read More »

Skyrim’s Dragonborn DLC’s Morrowind-esque Screenshots

Posted by Davekraft, November 15, 2012 in Main, Misc, News, PS3, Xbox 360 1

While we already knew that Skyrim’s Dragonborn DLC would be made available for download via Xbox LIVE on December 4 for for 1600 Microsoft Points, today Bethesda has released new information and a slew of new screenshots detailing what fans can expect. Per Bethesda’s email this morning, the Dragonborn DLC is described as follows: With… Read More »

Battlefield 3: Aftermath DLC Trailer Released Showing Crossbow

Posted by Davekraft, October 18, 2012 in Main, News, PC, PS3, Videos, Xbox 360 5

What’s this? Crossbows? What? Yeah, you heard right… The penultimate DLC for Battlefield 3, Aftermath, which is set for release in December has been given it’s own Premiere trailer a little earlier than expected. If you’re non-the-wiser to Aftermath then I don’t blame you. It’s appearance hasn’t really been as… Read More »

Call of Duty Elite Will Be Free for Black Ops II

Posted by Christian, October 15, 2012 in Hot, News, PC, PS3, WiiU, Xbox 360 5

With just months until we get our paws on Call of Duty Black Ops II, we still weren’t quite sure how the Elite services were being handled. Last month, we found out the details of the special editions but unlike Modern Warfare 3, there weren’t any promotions towards their flagship… Read More »

GTA V Logged Release Date Changed by UK Supermarket

Posted by Davekraft, October 2, 2012 in Main, Misc, Not News, PS3, Xbox 360 11

Is Rockstar Games starting to secretly inform retailers of their plans to ship GTA 5 next year? The famed developer has yet to confirm an official release date or platforms for that matter, but we have seen some recent activity online with retailers changing their shipping dates around. Online retailers… Read More »

Posted by Davekraft, October 2, 2012 in Featured, Main, News, PS3, Videos, Xbox 360 9

As you may or may not know, 505 Games announced Terraria for Xbox 360 and PS3 back in mid-September. It was a surprising announcement but I feel it was also an inevitable one. This is great news for console gamers such as myself, I’ve always loved the way Terraria looks… Read More »

Ubisoft to Spend £4m on Marketing for Assassin’s Creed III

Posted by Davekraft, September 30, 2012 in Main, Misc, News, PC, PS3, WiiU, Xbox 360 11

Ubisoft definitely want that #1 Christmas spot, that’s for sure. They’re setting aside £4 million ($6.5m) for Assassin’s Creed III’s marketing campaign and that will make it the biggest in the company’s history. With games like FIFA 13, Halo 4 and Black Ops 2 landing in the next few months… Read More »

NBA Live 13 Cancelled

Posted by Christian, September 27, 2012 in Hot, News, PS3, Xbox 360 4

While it isn’t new news that NBA Live 13 was in troubled waters since late this summer, it still comes as a bit of surprise that their second attempt at resurrecting the NBA installment from EA Sports has again come up short. For those unaware, we were playing this same… Read More »

Xbox Only Medal of Honor: Warfighter BETA Coming in October

Posted by Davekraft, September 21, 2012 in Hot, Main, News, PC, PS3, Xbox 360 3

EA have announced that the public BETA for soon to be released Medal of Honour: Warfighter will be an Xbox 360 exclusive. The BETA’s release window has been confirmed as “early October” and will feature all gun unlocks and classes in the game along with one game mode called HotSpot,… Read More »

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen Expansion Announced – Screenshots & Teaser Trailer

Posted by Davekraft, September 21, 2012 in Main, News, PS3, Videos, Xbox 360 5

If you’re like me then Dragon’s Dogma got stale pretty quickly for you in NG+ but fear not, the open-world JRPG is about to get a huge update. The size of this update is almost that of a new, full game but thankfully it comes in the form of an… Read More »

Halo 4: Behind the Scenes Video Might Change Your Opinion

Posted by Davekraft, September 4, 2012 in Main, Previous Generations, Videos, Xbox 360 3

When Halo 4 was officially announced by 343 Industries at last year’s E3 I was stunned to say the least. My reaction was along the lines of “No. No no no NO NAOO. NAAAAOOOOO!!!!” Let’s just say I was quietly incensed. “Why would they do this?” I asked. Other Halo… Read More »

Battlefield 3’s Armored Kill DLC Just a Day Away

Posted by Davekraft, September 3, 2012 in Featured, Main, Misc, News, PC, PS3, Xbox 360 1

As some of you are probably aware the latest DLC for Battlefield 3, Armored Kill, is available to download in just a day’s time… for PS3 Premium users. Yes that’s right, PS3 Premium subscribers get it a full week before anyone else due to an exclusivity deal struck between Sony and… Read More »

Black Ops II Special Editions Details Leaked

Posted by Christian, August 28, 2012 in News, PC, PS3, Xbox 360 2

As we near closer to the release of Black Ops II this fall, it was inevitable that some info would drop on the contents of the special editions, usually titled Hardened and Veteran editions in previous games. Today, new info has come around that sheds some light on not just… Read More »

Posted by Davekraft, August 24, 2012 in Featured, Hot, Main, News, PC, PS3, Xbox 360 17

This past week has seen a ton of screenshots for GTA V released. Previously, they were released in sets of threes but now there’s FOUR! It looks like these screenshots are focusing on the fast and exciting things in the game. There’s an Infernus, stunt plane, what looks like a… Read More »

Madden 13’s Top 10 Defenders’ Ratings Are Revealed

Posted by Christian, August 20, 2012 in Hot, PS3, Vita, WiiU, Xbox 360 2

Another week, another ratings reveal for Madden NFL 13. This reveal is a double-edged sword, unfortunately. While it’s a bummer that it’s the final reveal before the release, it means we’re THAT much closer to getting our collective mitts on Madden this year. Not surprisingly, you’ll have to crack 97… Read More »

Posted by Aaron, August 20, 2012 in Main, News, PC, PS3, Xbox 360 8

Oh hey, Rockstar Games have uploaded three more Grand Theft Auto V screenshots for us to sink our teeth into, and boy are they pretty. The new screens showcase the various transportation methods in Los Santos, including bicycles, batmobiles and jet fighters. If you look closely, you’ll notice the old… Read More »

Battlefield 3: Premium Edition Trailer Gives Sneak Peek at Aftermath DLC

Posted by Davekraft, August 15, 2012 in Featured, Hot, Main, News, PC, PS3, Videos, Xbox 360 2

Wary of purchasing Battlefield 3? Unsure whether you’ll get the most out of yet another FPS? Skeptical on the value of Battlefield Premium? Well, now is your chance to settle those questions and truly experience what Battlefield 3 has to offer. Introducing Battlefield 3: Premium Edition. Recently announced at GamesCom 2012,… Read More »

Posted by Christian, August 14, 2012 in Featured, HBG Original, Not News, PS3, Xbox 360 5

Another Tuesday, another batch of demos. This Tuesday however, for me and millions of other sports gaming fanatics, is special. Today we got our collective paws on the Madden NFL 13 demo. For those of us on 360, we got the demo at about 6am this morning and my only… Read More »

Top 10 Madden NFL 13 Receiver Ratings Revealed

Posted by Christian, August 13, 2012 in Hot, News, PS3, Vita, Wii, WiiU, Xbox 360 4

We’ve seen the best quarterbacks, the best running backs, and now we get the guys who are best at going out and catching that ball. The receiver ratings included tight ends and wide receivers, hence why you see guys like Gronk on the list. Unlike running backs where I had… Read More »