Question of the Day – 10/2

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No way, is it really that time again? I guess so guys.  Time to make the brain work and answer another question about our lives as gamers.  Before I answer the question from yesterday, the question for TODAY is always the BOLD font at the bottom.  So many people answer… Read More »

New GTAIV: Ballad of Gay Tony Character Video

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With GTA IV:  The Ballad of Gay Tony only a few weeks away, Rockstar has decided to release and treat us to another awesome character video.  This episode looks better and better everytime I see it and I feel will put TLAD to shame.  Ballad of Gay Tony will be… Read More »

L4D2 Preorder Deal

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Valve is offering a deal for all those who decide to pre-order Left 4 Dead 2 through Steam.  Sorry, this isn’t one for the Xbox 360 owners.  Valve is offering early access to the demo, 10% off the game, and an exclusive in game item, “The American Baseball Bat.”  Now,… Read More »

Mr Tasty On Youtube

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So I decided that Mr Tasty needs to expand his horizons and get exposure in other places.  I have uploaded all 4 episode of “The Adventures of Mr Tasty” to YouTube today.  My goal with this is to help get the series some more exposure than it is getting now. … Read More »

Is Digital Distribution a Good Thing?

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It seems a lot of games are starting to be distributed digitally.  With the XBL Marketplace and PSN offering games of past and present, it seems they are trying to cut out the middle man.  With XBL’s Games On Demand and rumors of PSN selling ps2 and ps3 titles, it’s… Read More »

Natal, Will it Slaughter Hardcore Gaming?

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Success never goes unnoticed.  It is something that we must acknowledged as we brace ourselves for the moment when all 3 consoles will be the home of controller-free mini-games that could have been made on the Playstation 1 if not the SNES.  This change is triggered by the success of… Read More »

Question of the Day – 10/1

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Time to get those gears in your brains rolling again.  That’s right, it’s question of the day time!  Doesn’t it just make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? As always I will answer YESTERDAY’S question first.  The question from 9/30 was a simple one, it was, “What video game… Read More »

Why I Hate Holiday Bundles

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Every year now, it seems Microsoft has come out with some sort of holiday bundle for the Xbox 360.  I can’t say I am too fond of this.  Every year they bundle the system with 2 of the worst games in the Xbox360 library and attempt to evoke a feeling… Read More »

Question of the Day – 9/30

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Question of the Day time is now upon us.  That wonderful time of the day where I make you use your brain.  Pretty shitty huh?  Just kidding, but first the answer to 9/29’s QOTD.  The question was, “At some point in our journey as gamers, we’ve come across many characters. … Read More »

Dead Space 2 Confirmed?

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The first game was awesome, anyone who played it can tell you that.  Some of us want a second one and wonder if they will make it.  Well have no fear, the game has been confirmed to be in “pre-production” at the moment and with its original team.  That just… Read More »

Left 4 Dead 4 50% off

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Well, if you don’t this game for some reason, GET IT!  With the Crash Course DLC just released for FREE on PC, you can now get the game for only $14.99.  Sounds like a great deal to me.  Even though L4D2 is right around the corner, this might be that… Read More »

Peter Molyneux Hates Demos

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We all know Mr. Molyneux from his work on the Action-RPG series Fable and his awesome Natal demo of Milo at E3 this past year, but recently Mr. Molyneux stated that he, “hated demos.”  While I can’t say I hate them very much, I like what he had to say… Read More »

Question of the Day – 9/29

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Well, after a long weekend of making an ass of myself, it’s time to finally continue with our Question of the Day!  My answer to this question first though, “What’s the one game that has truly brought out the “Gamer Rage” in you?  The one that you didnt ever want… Read More »

HBG’s 5 Most Influential Games of Last Generation

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Here we are going to cover the years which gave birth to many games on the Sega Dreamcast, Sony Playstation 2, Microsoft Xbox, and Nintendo Gamecube.  The road map for 3-D gaming had already been established and most game makers settled for simply polishing the old formula, updating the graphics… Read More »

Welcome Terry to HBG!

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A few weeks ago, I said more people would soon begin writing for the site.  That time is now upon us!  An old friend of mine from NY will be joining us.  Theirry, or I as I call him, “Terry” will be doing special articles 1 or 2 times a… Read More »

Question of the Day – 9/25

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I know its a little late in the day, but still, I owe you one.  Let me give you my answer to the question from 9/23  before I ask today’s questions.  The question was “With all the games that you have played throughout your gaming life, which game was the… Read More »

Splinter Cell in Feb 2010

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Just when I was beginning to give up hope in this game, it comes back to bring it back to instill some again.  It was announced that Splinter Cell Conviction will release in February of 2010.  That’s this coming February everyone.  Now I don’t know if I trust that just… Read More »

MGS Peace Walker Demo

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This makes me want to get a PSP right away.  MGS Peace Walker is a game being produced and made by the man himself, Hideo Kojima.  I know for one I can’t wait to get my hands on this game.  If I had a PSP that would be very possible… Read More »

Women Can Now Bleed On Pokémon

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Now, this might disgust some people and it might make some laugh.  I know it’s made me laugh everytime I think about this now.  Who would have ever thought a woman could have her period all over Pokémon?  I didn’t think that’d be possible until now.  Apparently, a company out… Read More »

Nigerian Government Complains About PS3 Ad

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It seems that SONY offended the Nigerian government with one of their recent PS3 commercials.  The commercial makes a comment about Nigerian scams that so many of us have seen or heard of on the internet.  While the comment was not so direct, it definitely is clear cut and to… Read More »