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Earlier this week, we brought you an interview with Interceptor Entertainment’s Dave Oshry and Aaron Alexander where my most well-received question seemed to be one where we decided who we would put into Rise of the Triad from Hollywood. The nature of the game is crazy testosterone-fueled sort of fun,… Read More »

Halo 4: Behind the Scenes Video Might Change Your Opinion

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When Halo 4 was officially announced by 343 Industries at last year’s E3 I was stunned to say the least. My reaction was along the lines of “No. No no no NO NAOO. NAAAAOOOOO!!!!” Let’s just say I was quietly incensed. “Why would they do this?” I asked. Other Halo… Read More »

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Announced at QuakeCon 2012 earlier this summer, Rise of The Triad is making a comeback in a big way. Led by resurging teams at Apogee Software and Interceptor Entertainment, ROTT, the acronym for the cult classic, is ready to storm back into your hearts and into those bullet-size holes that… Read More »

Battlefield 3’s Armored Kill DLC Just a Day Away

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As some of you are probably aware the latest DLC for Battlefield 3, Armored Kill, is available to download in just a day’s time… for PS3 Premium users. Yes that’s right, PS3 Premium subscribers get it a full week before anyone else due to an exclusivity deal struck between Sony and… Read More »

Check Out This Crazy GTA IV Back to the Future Mod

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Things like this are just too good not to share and as far as mods go this is definitely one of my favourites. Someone has actually gone and made a full working Back to the Future mod for GTA IV. With a full Marty McFly character skin and an exceptionally… Read More »

Black Ops II Special Editions Details Leaked

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As we near closer to the release of Black Ops II this fall, it was inevitable that some info would drop on the contents of the special editions, usually titled Hardened and Veteran editions in previous games. Today, new info has come around that sheds some light on not just… Read More »

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This past week has seen a ton of screenshots for GTA V released. Previously, they were released in sets of threes but now there’s FOUR! It looks like these screenshots are focusing on the fast and exciting things in the game. There’s an Infernus, stunt plane, what looks like a… Read More »

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And just two days after three new screens come out for GTA V, we see three more crawl out of the woodworks. Check it out below as we see some dirtbikes, parachuting, and high-stakes tennis action. In all honesty, though, these look beautiful. Check out all three below and the previous… Read More »

NBA Live 13 Gameplay Finally Surfaces, Likely Digital Release

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Our friends at Operation Sports finally got their paws on some NBA Live gamplay (nearly 12 minutes of it, in fact) and it’s… something. While I suppose I’ll hold my judgment on how the actual game looks or how it may potentially play, the presentation does look absolutely fantastic with… Read More »

“Want You Gone” Sounds Pretty Damn Good on Seven Floppy Drives

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I’m not one for video game culture posts. Hell, I’m usually in the world of sports more often than I am video games as far as culture goes. This video was simply too damn cool not to show you guys, though. Youtube user TheCanadianGamer11 has taken the simple world of MIDIs… Read More »

Madden 13’s Top 10 Defenders’ Ratings Are Revealed

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Another week, another ratings reveal for Madden NFL 13. This reveal is a double-edged sword, unfortunately. While it’s a bummer that it’s the final reveal before the release, it means we’re THAT much closer to getting our collective mitts on Madden this year. Not surprisingly, you’ll have to crack 97… Read More »

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Oh hey, Rockstar Games have uploaded three more Grand Theft Auto V screenshots for us to sink our teeth into, and boy are they pretty. The new screens showcase the various transportation methods in Los Santos, including bicycles, batmobiles and jet fighters. If you look closely, you’ll notice the old… Read More »

Battlefield 3: Premium Edition Trailer Gives Sneak Peek at Aftermath DLC

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Wary of purchasing Battlefield 3? Unsure whether you’ll get the most out of yet another FPS? Skeptical on the value of Battlefield Premium? Well, now is your chance to settle those questions and truly experience what Battlefield 3 has to offer. Introducing Battlefield 3: Premium Edition. Recently announced at GamesCom 2012,… Read More »

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Another Tuesday, another batch of demos. This Tuesday however, for me and millions of other sports gaming fanatics, is special. Today we got our collective paws on the Madden NFL 13 demo. For those of us on 360, we got the demo at about 6am this morning and my only… Read More »

Top 10 Madden NFL 13 Receiver Ratings Revealed

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We’ve seen the best quarterbacks, the best running backs, and now we get the guys who are best at going out and catching that ball. The receiver ratings included tight ends and wide receivers, hence why you see guys like Gronk on the list. Unlike running backs where I had… Read More »

Assassin’s Creed III Multiplayer Trailer Surfaces

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With Assassin’s Creed III landing in just two months you might be surprised to find out that among the gameplay trailers and special features that have been made public, not one of them has been about the multiplayer side of the game. Until now. Yes, it’s took quite a while… Read More »

NBA 2K13 Gets First Developer Insight Video, Screenshots

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[imagebrowser id=331] Not much has been made available about NBA 2K13 since we were told that rap star Jay-Z would be executive producer of this year’s game. Now we’re getting our first in a series of Developer Insight videos where the team at 2K Sports gives us the lowdown on… Read More »

Assassin’s Creed III’s Twitter Has Gone Cryptic

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Trailers and short gameplay walkthroughs can get old fast so if you’re an Assassin’s Creed fan dying for some fresh AC3 goings-on then listen up. The official Twitter account for the third major game in the series recently went all cryptic on followers and fans with a series of tweets that… Read More »

Black Ops II Multiplayer Revealed in New Trailer, Rumored Details Leaked

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It’s a matter of great debate, but I’m not sure there can be a debate on whether this LOOKS like a new era in Call of Duty. Where Modern Warfare seemed to get comfortable, Treyach is pushing Black Ops to a new level. If you think this looks almost anything… Read More »

NHL 13 Defensive Gameplay Reveal Video Shows Off Defensive Improvements

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The gameplay producer of NHL 13, Ben Ross, has brought us a great commentary where he details each movement as it comes down the ice and lets you know precisely what has improved on defense. Immediately you can tell (aside from the presentation as the Sabres took the ice, which… Read More »