Personal Appeal From The Founder Of HBG

Hot Blooded Gaming has become quite a fun place to hang out, meet gamers, read about games, and play games over the last few years. However, as of the end of this month, HBG might be down for quite some time, and we’re asking for your help and support. Let it be known that it’s completely optional and we in no way expect anyone to feel like they “have to” chip-in.

The server bill has come in and between our CDN costs (Content Delivery Network) and Server costs, HBG is in dire straits financially right now. Our server and CDN work great and have kept HBG running smoothly over the last few months. While in the past HBG would crash at the drop of a hat due to higher volume traffic, it’s to a point now where everything is perfect for us.

Moving HBG off our current server onto something else would greatly jeopardize the stability our Webmaster Peter Ubriaco has spent the last two years trying to perfect. Now I guess I should move on to the main point. Between CDN costs incurred over the last three months, and to keep HBG on it’s current host for the next few years, we need to raise a total of $700.

Two years ago, Peter himself paid the entire $600 server bill upfront and saw absolutely zero ROI. When I asked Peter why he did so, he replied

I’m proud to have sponsored HBG since its I N C E P T I O N, but unfortunately, I’ve needed to go deeper and deeper into my pockets to fund HBG. I invested $600 of my own money into HBG because I believed we were building something great. I still provide my webmastering to HBG at no charge, because I still believe that today, but now I’m fucking broke. Please help us keep HBG alive by providing a small contribution that will directly fund hosting for the 2012 calendar year.

If you would like to help HBG continue to run over the next two years, you can do so by making a donation by clicking the donate link below. Remember that any and all of these donations will go directly towards our server costs. Anyone who donates will see their name posted on our “Thank you for keeping HBG alive” Post once we reach our goal.

You can make a donation of any size you can afford. However, keep in mind that donations are subject to paypal fees, so we ask you keep the minimum at $1. Thank you everyone for your continued patronage of Hot Blooded Gaming.

Donate to the “Keep HBG Running” Fund