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It seems you’ve stumbled into my bio. Well done. I go by Christian Antonio, or as much of the HBG community knows me, A Dog in a Wig.

First I have to tell you the story of that username. It’s not as exciting as one would imagine. It’s mostly just a random thing I thought up when changing my Xbox LIVE gamertag from A Wounded Bear. Once I got attached to it, I used it everywhere. Twitter, JustinTV, Steam, AIM, YouTube, Skype… It was my go-to name.

Though I’m only 19, my gaming started on a fairly way back console. My first games I remember playing were Eternal Champions and Primal Rage on SEGA Genesis and Sonic on Game Gear. After that I stayed handheld for a while with Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance, playing mostly Pokemon. For the mid-2000’s, I kept it Nintendo and went with Gamecube where I was way into games like Soul Calibur II, Mario Party 5, and still one of my favorite EA Sports games of all time – Madden NFL 07. For the current gen, I went with Xbox 360. I’ve been introduced to series like Call of Duty, NCAA Football, and NBA 2K. Though many people wouldn’t immediately consider it, I think my love of games like Doodle Jump and Angry Birds series are part of my gaming habits as well on iOS.

JustinTV, as I mentioned earlier about my username, was where I first met Kreyg and the HBG community. I came to the site from 4Player Podcast highlights on youtube, as many had in my time. I wanted more than just one stream to watch, though. I began searching around and found a guy playing some GTA4 online with people and interacting with chat. I immediately was a fan and decided to join the forums. Not long after, the minecraft craze hit and everything was in full swing with me posting and getting to know the community.

My path to writing isn’t a usual one, however. The main way I ended up first helping Kreyg was with graphics. I started doing banners for the broadcast while it was still JTV and eventually began helping with the site’s graphics needs. I’d wager on today’s HBG, I’ve helped design or made the graphic element itself on over half of the site. When I first mentioned I wanted to join the site’s writing staff, Kreyg made it clear I was welcome and I can’t thank him enough for the opportunity. Now I contribute as much as I can to the site but my side mission is to make sure we bring some more sports gaming news to the site and help HBG as a community and as a site. I look forward to continue talking video games with you guys and helping us grow together.

Favorite Games: Nearly anything by Rockstar, Valve, Bethesda and EA Sports, Binding of Isaac, Super Meat Boy, Minecraft
Favorite Genres: Sports, RPG, FPS, and Sandbox
Favorite Music: Lupe Fiasco, Bright Eyes, random Techno/DnB, though not Music I love listening to Talk Radio like Howard Stern or Bubba the Love Sponge
Favorite Sites: TwitchTV, TWiT, and naturally Hot Blooded Gaming