Peter, HBG Webmaster

Peter and his cousin, being glamorous

Hey there, HBG! I’m Peter, and I’ve been the webmaster here since Kreyg launched HBG in 2008. I love beer, glamor, success, and beautiful women.

My company, New York Information Systems Inc. (NYISI), is proud to be the exclusive provider of hosting and webmastering consideration for the HBG community. Kreyg and I work together on a regular basis to keep the site running smoothly – when we’re not gaming, of course!

HBG is powered by a Linode virtual “LAMP” server running Ubuntu 8.04, Apache 2.2, PHP 5.2, and MySQL 5, and the blog and forums are run with WordPress 3 and vBulletin 4. We also run a CirruxCache instance on the Google App Engine, which acts like a CDN for some of HBG’s static stylesheets, JavaScript, and graphic glyphs.

I have over a decade experience with web sites and web technologies, so if you ever need a professional webmaster, give NYISI a call and I’ll be happy to help. When I’m not being a Linux server nerd, I troll the web on my Lenovo T400 laptop.

I have an Xbox 360 and Wii which I use on a regular basis, but my first console was an original NES, and I have a working Power Pad and Power Glove (when I say “working Power Glove” I mean “working as well as Power Gloves did”). I also have an SNES, Genesis, N64, PS1, and PS2, although they don’t get as much action anymore. My favorite console game of all time is Goldeneye for N64. My favorite 360 games are GTA4 (of course!), Rainbox Six: Vegas (and Vegas 2), and Fallout 3. I also like to play golf, both in the real world, and on my Wii.

I try to keep my body in shape by running, rollerblading, and doing calisthenics, and I try to keep my mind in shape by hacking the planet. I’m also an amateur drum and bass and electronic music producer, check it out.

Follow me on Twitter and if you ever have technical suggestions, let me know!