Greetings! I’m Tovan, Senior Editor here at Hot Blooded Gaming.

I first started writing for the site back in November of 2009, just after the introduction of the original user blogs. Ever since then I have been committed to HBG.

I have always had an interest in video games. But honestly, I would say I enjoy the industry more than the actual games themselves. I’m often told that I rarely play games, as most of my time spent is reading/watching/writing about them. If you were to stick me in a room and tell me to pick between video games and the industry that surrounds them, I would pick the latter.

The video game community is a fantastic and creative group of people, and Hot Blooded Gaming is no different.

Whenever I’m on my PC you can almost always find me logged into the site chat, and you can regularly see me hanging out at the broadcast Monday-Friday. Don’t be afraid to shoot me a message.

Favorite games: Half-Life 1 & 2, Team Fortress 2, Mother 2 & 3
Favorite genres: Sandbox, Role-playing Games, Indie, Strategy
Favorite sites: Giant Bomb