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Pokemon And Guitars Don’t Mix [Video]

Posted by Nic, March 13, 2012 in Culture, Main, Not News, Videos 6

Now I will be the the first to admit that I don’t know a lot about Pokemon besides the fact that it is a giant video game/card game/cartoon/? franchise, but I do know that when someone pays tribute or satirises it the output has a fairly high chance of being… Read More »

Del Taco And Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet Team Up For A Promotion — What?

Posted by Nic, February 24, 2012 in Main, News, Xbox 360 2

It seems like the people Shadow Planet Productions thought Sony and Taco Bell’s promotion to give away PS Vitas was so awesome that they teamed up with Del Taco. The Sony cross Taco Bell promotion makes sense because PS Vitas are the new hotness, but Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet is… Read More »

Capcom’s Cap Bar – Come For The Games, Stay For The Brains

Posted by Nic, January 16, 2012 in Culture, Main, Misc, Not News 7

Next week Capcom is set to open it’s bar called Cap Bar. It will have games to play, merchandise to buy, and of course food. The food will be based on Capcom franchises which will make some the dishes sound — odd. Cap Bar has given a sneak peek of… Read More »

Angry Birds PSP Ripoff Is Amazing

Posted by Nic, December 12, 2011 in Culture, Main, Misc, Not News, products, Retro 12

No, it’s not a bootleg version of Angry Birds someone made for the PSP. It’s a bootleg PSP running a bootleg version of Angry Birds. The worst thing off all the bootleg PSP isn’t even impressive, it’s an LCD game just like a Game & Watch. This whole package is… Read More »

Achievement Hunter Meets The Kinectimals — Or Do They? [Video]

Posted by Nic, December 2, 2011 in Main, Misc, Not News, Videos, Xbox 360 10

Lately the people at Achievement Hunter, the sister site to Rooster Teeth makers of the Halo machinima Red Vs Blue, have been letting Joel Heyman (voice of RVB character Caboose) go and start making videos of his own. The videos are not about achievements or accurate portrayals of games —… Read More »

Portal 2 Shower Curtain — Not Kidding

Posted by Nic, December 1, 2011 in Main, Misc, Not News, products 8

Merchandise is a great way to show others what you like and in a way become a walking billboard for that game/movie/show/band. Sometimes merchandise just makes no sense in any way or form. Sure if you like Portal 2 you would want Portal 2 merch, but is there a limit… Read More »

How Does Skyrim Look Without Textures? [Video]

Posted by Nic, November 22, 2011 in Culture, Main, Misc, Not News, Videos 12

There is no doubt that Skyrim is a beautiful game with breathtaking vistas. Those beautiful views are made what they are with the use of textures. Now what happens when you mess with the graphics settings enough that there are virtually no textures? Take a look. It comes off as… Read More »

MW3 Has A Really Weird Easter Egg [Video]

Posted by Nic, November 15, 2011 in Main, Misc, Not News, Videos 6

Easter eggs are like achievements that you don’t get points for, and a lot of the time they can be funny, referential, or a clue about a game or other games. This easter egg on the other hand falls into another category, just plain weird. The folks over at Achievement… Read More »

Thailand Arcade Patron Is Way Into Ghost Squad [Video]

Posted by Nic, October 17, 2011 in Culture, Main, Misc, Not News, Videos 13

You are about to see a man who is into the arcade game Ghost Squad way too much. He’s got on his uniform of camouflage pants and tactical gloves, and he is ready to act out the game which is the strangest part of the over 13 minute video. Reloading… Read More »

Posted by Kreyg, October 6, 2011 in Hot, News 29

Are you a male gamer between the ages of 18 to 34, don’t have a “challenging job,” not really religious, and not married? Well, CNN’s contributor William J. Bennett says it’s time to stop playing games and “man up.” In a recent flame-bait article on CNN titled “Why men are… Read More »

Posted by Kreyg, October 6, 2011 in Hot, News, Wii 39

There have been some odd cases of crime related to video games, but this one is by far the most unique of them all. The WiiMote is meant to be used as a controller for the Nintendo Wii. However, 26-year-old Nicholas Parry used a WiiMote to violate a 12-year-old boy… Read More »

Posted by Kreyg, September 30, 2011 in News, PS3 42

You would think once you reach the age of 46, you would become immune to the wise ass musings of per-pubescent teens online. However, this wasn’t the case for an unemployed 46-year-old, and father of three — Mark Bradford. Bradford had been playing Call of Duty: Black Ops online on… Read More »

Pokemon Opening Cinematics Reenacted By Some Weird People [Video]

Posted by Nic, September 26, 2011 in Culture, Main, Misc, Not News, Videos 12

A Group from Japan called Kusarine Project have decided to reenact some Pokemon opening cinematics from a couple of different games and a match or two to boot. Now some might consider this video a little strange and those people are understating the obvious. Enjoy! This video should have started… Read More »

Posted by Kreyg, September 22, 2011 in News 26

Yesterday we ran a story about a study that supposedly found gamers couldn’t tell reality from fantasy. The study looked at the behavior of computer game players and what is called “games transfer phenomena.” However, the media outlet that we found the article had agenda against video games it seems…. Read More »

Posted by Kreyg, September 21, 2011 in News 23

23-year-old Ryan Donovan of Dartford, Kent is facing 25 years and 194 days in prison after he went on a rampage that is being described by some media as “video game like.” The 23 year old decided to go on a shooting rampage on the Royal Navy nuclear submarine he… Read More »

34-Year-Old Pleads Guilty To Beating 4-Year-Old To Death After Interrupting His Game

Posted by Kreyg, September 19, 2011 in Culture, Hot, News 25

It’s extremely sad that a 34 year old man has to beat a 4 year old to death because his video game was interrupted. 34 year old Sean Stalwart of Illinois has pleaded guilty to the first degree murder of 4 year old Jeremiah Bradford which occurred last September. Stalwart… Read More »

Someone Messed Up With The PC Release of Dead Island

Posted by Tyler, September 6, 2011 in Hot, Main, News, PC 9

UPDATE: Deep Silver says “Correct” version will be available later today Many of you are aware that today is ‘zombie massacre day’ thanks to the release of Dead Island. Well, PC players who purchased the game on Steam are playing a very different game than what Deep Silver anticipated –… Read More »

Posted by Kreyg, September 5, 2011 in News, Wii 22

The one thing you least expect when you buy a game is to find any kind of suggestive images inside. Unless of course the game is said to have come with them already. Traci Turner and her 6 year old son of Cumming, Georgia went to their local GameStop to… Read More »

Thanks To EA, There Will Be No Porsche’s In Forza 4

Posted by Tyler, August 25, 2011 in Main, News, Xbox 360 26

Now this sounds crazy and all, but believe it or not video game companies own licensees on car makers, and in turn basically own that company to be used in their games. That is exactly what EA has with Porsche, they own the Porsche license for video games apparently, and… Read More »

Posted by Kreyg, August 25, 2011 in News, PC 10

Just yesterday, GameStop instructed it’s employees to open brand new copies of Deus Ex: Human Revolution and remove the free OnLive code from the boxes. They stated they didn’t want these codes given to anyone purchasing the physical PC version of game from them. The reason for doing this? GameStop… Read More »